###Alright Let's Do This One More Time...



Today -I started the cybresecurity course I really wanted -Fixed up my What I'm Reading page!!! I learned that you can nest

  • and it is a GAME CHANGER IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER (I went from 36 errors, to 27, to 396 to 444 to 1! What a rollercoaster!) -I wrote 550 words towards Nanoreno. It's like pulling teeth but it's getting done so HECK YES


    Today I'm gonna celebrate that -I finally got into this IRC thing for the Outreachy application (usually I give up but we got there!) -I kept working at the code for Ren'Py, took a break, stumbled upon something in one of the Discord groups, and that helped me go back and try something and if you could've seen the touchdown dance I did when it read no more error messages and started to play the game!!! -I created another backup on git so that I'd have the script from my Nanoreno project and it always takes me a minute to connect my remote and local repos if I do the remote first and have files already in there, but it didn't take too long this time because at least I had an idea of where to start/where to look/and have been down this road before -I started and finished two graphic novels today and listened to my cousin tell stories which made me want to absorb more stories and it's been a rough couple of days, more emotionally than anything else, and I came here because I've got to do what two of my favorite people (R&S) say, and really celebrate everything so here we are

    Please enjoy this picture of Rihanna which has been my way of always congratulating myself on computery things

    ![picture of Rihanna wearing a red dress and flipping her hair off of her left shoulder as she looks towards the right off camera] https://s15-us2.startpage.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=https:%2F%2Fstatic.independent.co.uk%2Fs3fs-public%2Fthumbnails%2Fimage%2F2018%2F12%2F23%2F10%2Frihanna.jpg&sp=a1409ce042a2d58e951e55a4e5572744

    ###2/27/19 It's the end of Black History Month (honestly a really tough one) and as we go into a new month I have things I want to do and I'm hoping keeping this up will help me stay accountable.

    This month I want to: -Change the appearance of my website so it looks closer to what I want -Work on the butmakeitblack project -Write at least 5k words towards my #Nanoreno project -Apply to Outreachy / if unable to do that, at least work on committing to FOSS projects and learning from people I admire (looking to make a possible post/list to share soon) -Write at least the log line for my other story

    Now, it's all well and good that I want to do these things, but I often get stuck in the self-care and steps I need to take to achieve this. So before my brain works against me, I'm gonna remind myself that these are the little things that'll help me do these big things:

    -Change the appearance of my website so it looks closer to what I want

    Write down what you want to be different:

    The page to have a bit more interaction instead of just hyperlinks? Or just a better looking way to get others to click on the hyperlinks? Do you want the front page to have a little taste of all the pages with updates? How will you make that happen (It doesn't have to happen all at once, just having an idea of how to go about this is good!) Open that Flexbox Ultimate Guide Site with the HTML/CSS tester and try out a couple of different things (embrace messing up!!) Gather three to five super different sites and post them in a collage for inspiration Ask for help!

    -Work on the butmakeitblack project

    You've ruled out Tracery as the way to do this because you want specific things automated, not randomly generated. How are you going to get this automation to work? Figure out a way to test the above (it doesn't have to be the way you stick with) and test it out!

    -Write at least 5k words towards my #Nanoreno project

    Pretend this is a fanfic, like the audience already knows the characters and see if that helps Write a script! If nothing else, just get that dialogue out!
    Outlines are great, but don't feel like if it doesn't stick to the script, that you've failed. Allow yourself to be surprised Bonus: If you're feeling up to it, put it in Ren'Py and see what happens

    -Apply to Outreachy / if unable to do that, at least work on committing to FOSS projects and learning from people I admire (looking to make a possible post/list to share soon)

    At the time of writing, you're still waiting on the application whether or not you can take more steps so these are things you can do regardless of that outcome Find one or two projects you're interested in Read a shit ton about them / the language they're in Check your wegongetthis tag at least once a week

    -Write at least the log line for my other story

    This feels deceptively easy so maybe try this one at the start of the month? Your log line doesn't have to be the whole of the story, but since it helped with even believing you could do #Nanoreno, then I think it's cool to keep going with this Make a document and write 50+ words down. Narrow it down if you gotta Think less about the audience and more about yourself (we bring the audience into the room after the first draft and NOT A MOMENT SOONER) Apply those two quotes as often as you can:

    "Write the truest sentence you know." ~Ernest Hemingway "You don't write about the horrors of war. No. You write about a kid's burnt socks lying in the road." ~Richard Price Bonus: Create little character descriptions from the character's point of view


    That means:

    reading fanfic playing games (we all know this means Night In The Woods, Butterfly Soup, and if you're feeling adventurous, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm) buddy, you finally found your favorite stressball again, USE IT open your mouth and talk play with animals write in the journal watch moonlight watch cartoons keep going to therapy remind people you love them / act on that love if they're consenting don't go down Twitter black holes check in on online communities, it really does help MORE MUSICALS, sing them, recite them, write them, whatever you can do to get them back into your body pray [without ceasing] forgive yourself if you can't do any of these and please know that even though healing never looks like what you expect it to, you are healing and you are getting better. that doesn't all disappear because you get stuck or fall back. that's part of healing too.